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38 Reasons We Love the Pacific

1. VOLCANOES The Ring of Fire — a horseshoeshaped string of volcanic hot spots that stretches from Peru north to Alaska and down to New Zealand— is directly responsible for many of our favorite Pacific destinations, whether active or not.

2. IDYLLIC ISLANDS Tropical islands capture the imagination of traveling divers like no other terrestrial environment. Perhaps it’s the promise of languid living, warm water and beautiful natives. Maybe it’s the fantastic diving that typically comes with the package. From Palau’s Rock Islands to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji and beyond, there are thousands in the Pacific — take your pick.

3. SOFT CORALS As delicate as they are beautiful, soft corals of the order Alcyonacea exist without producing a hard skeleton like their stony cousins. They’re a signature sight at top Pacific dive destinations including Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysian Borneo and Palau.

4. ABUNDANCE With more than 63 million square miles of salt water in which to thrive, the countless species of marine life lucky enough to live in the Pacific Ocean have room to grow large and multiply, creating an astounding biomass — and endless opportunities for divers.

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