Jul 4
Posted on Saturday, July 4, 2009 in Ocean Liners

Shared Coastline, Shared Values, Shared CODE

By Marcy Larson, Co-owner of Alaskan Brewing Co.
Alaska isn’t called the Last Frontier for nothing. Alaska is one-fifth the size of the Lower 48 and if superimposed over the continental United States would stretch from coast to coast, yet our population of 670,000 is less than 3 percent that of the Lone Star state.

We don’t live here because it’s easy—the remote location, extreme weather and high cost of living make it tough going. We live here because we love it. In the state capital of Juneau we are surrounded by the Tongass National Forest, the largest old-growth forest in the Northern Hemisphere; the 1,500-square-mile Juneau Icefield, and the pristine waterways of the Inside Passage.

Jul 4
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Clean Oceans are Important: A New Ocean Fund is Launched

By Mark Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation

We are very excited to work with the Alaskan Brewing Co. to launch the new Coastal CODE Fund, housed here at The Ocean Foundation. Our ocean team will work closely with the Brew Crew to make a difference through ocean and coastal cleanup and preservation efforts.

Home to nearly half of all Americans is a place that is within 50 miles of the coast, and more of us choose to move close to the coasts every year. The coastal and nearshore waters of the United States are also home to an abundance of species of marine mammals, fish, invertebrates, and hundreds of other plants and animals most of us will never see, but which are dependent on human awareness to ensure their health and well-being, and in turn, our own. (more…)

Jul 6
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Ocean Litter is Everyone’s Problem

By Bob King, Marine Debris Coordinator for the MCA Foundation

“When I was out in the Bering Sea last summer I learned an Aleut saying: “Ayagagnax Anagix Ukudax” or “One who walks usually finds something.”

And sure enough, you don’t have to walk far in the Aleutian or Pribilof Islands to find something: tangles of trawl nets and crab line, old fish totes and rusty 55 gallon drums, fishing floats, plastic buckets, water bottles, you name it.

Jun 6
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California Paddle 2007—A Campaign for Plastic-Free Oceans

By: Tom Jones, Extreme Athlete and Founder of the Tom Jones Foundation
My name is Tom Jones, and, no, I cannot sing “What’s New Pussycat!” But because of my name, I always have to explain a bit of my background. So, without trying to “toot my own horn,” but merely as an introduction, here you go. I am a seven-time Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion, with four U.S. titles and two world titles. I have run the length of California three times, at a pace of a marathon (26.2 miles) per day to raise funds for abused children. In 2000—for the same cause, I ran from Huntington Beach, Calif., to New York City, requiring 121 consecutive daily marathons. Because of my own abusive childhood, I founded the Tom Jones Foundation, whose mission is to create awareness and funding to find solutions to problems that threaten the future of our society.