Creation of the CODE

It all started with 1%. Alaskan Brewing Co. committed 1% of all proceeds from Alaskan IPA to support the cleanup and preservation of the Pacific Ocean and its coastlines. But the brewery didn’t want to go it alone. Alaskan Brewing wanted to involve people from all walks of life into taking care of our great blue resource—and to have fun doing it.

“We can’t believe someone was willing to take cold showers. Now that’s commitment.”

The Coastal CODE was born with the help of ocean-minded groups and hundreds of Pacific Northwesterners. The S.U.R.F. Club and the Coastal Society at the University of Washington and the CoastWatch program of the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition surveyed more than 500 people on the condition of the Pacific Ocean and ways to care for it. Nearly 100% of respondents answered yes to the statement “I am concerned about the health of the world’s oceans” and more than 50% said the condition of the Pacific Ocean and western coastline is poor or at-risk.

The encouraging news is that 98.4% said they are willing to make at least one change to help improve the ocean. Suggested changes included “reduce my carbon footprint” and “cut the plastic rings on a six-pack of soda.” We can’t believe someone was willing to “take cold showers.” Now that’s commitment.

The simple five-part Coastal CODE was written from the collective ideas of the hundreds of people surveyed. The Coastal CODE is:

By adopting the Coastal CODE, you join thousands of others in committing to do the ocean good. With these simple but significant acts, you can help ensure the Pacific Ocean is protected and healthy. You can help MAKE WAVES.

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